The mission of Eden’s Wellspring is to become the premiere model for the 10 residents or less category of critical care group homes in Arizona by addressing the need for great medical care for the young adult population with the added benefit of socialization opportunities. Taking a holistic approach, these young adults are encouraged to grow into their own identities and have the best experience possible as they transition from childhood to adult with their peer group.

Just as important, Eden's Wellspring will provide much needed emotional and physical relief to parents who are the primary care givers of these young adults. We are looking for a centralized location that can act as a vacation "hub", allowing care givers to leave their young adult in the hands of good care and a vacation experience of their own, while the caregiver visits the surrounding area. This will also give parents the necessary "letting go" transition, as the young person moves into the care of someone else.

There is currently a waiting list for the less than handful of existing group homes in Arizona who offer services to this challenging population group. These homes are limited in scope and do not provide for the social, relational and maturation needs, or the
recreational desires of these young adults. These young people are often isolated, lonely, and are frequently mixed with a senior population.

Eden’s Wellspring is committed to seeing these young people reach their full potential with their own peer group, and is in the early stages of gathering funds for Phase One Property Acquisition and Development. We are committed to being debt-free at every stage of development. No gift is too small, and we appreciate all the support and encouragement from our community.  Click here  for some simple ways to be involved.  We love and appreciate you.

What We're Doing