Dr. Michael Lucherini of Summit Medicine and Pediatrics PLC offers a professional view of what we are striving to create with Eden's Wellspring,  Dr.  Lucherini has a thriving Direct Access practice in Mesa, Arizona.

He also served as Zachary Newman's primary care doctor for many years.

Gretchen Lorette shares her passion for this project from the unique perspective of a mother who understands what it is like to have had  a critical care child and the particular stresses placed upon caregivers and their families.

She served families in the Arizona area as a healthcare case manager for many years and is now thoroughly enjoying retirement..

Eden’s Wellspring was founded in 2013 by the mother and primary care giver of a critical care young adult with a short term life prognosis.  She has sought to address the needs of this growing population of physically disabled, critical care young adults, 18 and older, who are in the same situation as her son.

Lacking is an alternate home care environment that provides for social interaction, recreational opportunities, maturation and relationship development within their own age group, while providing for their extensive life support needs..  Eden's Wellspring is actively addressing these unique challenges by building a group home in a recreational/resort=like setting - where young adults, their caregivers and visitors will love to spend time with nature and each other.  Eden's Wellspring is an environment where hope blossoms in all who live, work and play within its reach .

Our Mission