1.  Ranch Property Purchase

We are currently reviewing the feasibility of purchasing Dyck Ranch in Rimrock, AZ. The asking price is just under $5 million for 314 acres. The property has available 10=15 acres of buildable land that will provide a great opportunity for interaction with nature for both the residents and their guests. Also a plus for the long term goals of Eden's Wellspring is the rich and diverse wild life, recreational opportunities and riparian areas.  The property also meets the elevation restrictions for critical care young adults.

Whether it is for this property, or another, our goal is to raise the funds necessary to purchase a property for cash. It is important that an already at risk group of people be free to live their lives without unnecessary fear of losing their home.

We are working toward a property purchase goal of $3 to $5 million and have currently raised $67,000.00.

If you would like to help us toward acquiring the funds necessary for this first stage, please click on the GET INVOLVED button and send us a message. We will get back to you to discuss it further. You can also donate through the PayPal button.

Together we can make a difference!

Phase Three ​Fundraising Goals

  • Planning & Development of Camping Experience for both the Residents & Guests
  • Purchase of Semi-Permanent Tents and Retrofitting with Solar Power Systems
  • Ranch Management Cost Escrow - $120,000/year for Year Three
  • Planning & Construction of Wheelchair Accessible Paths Leading to the Camping Sites
  • Construction of Emergency Helicopter Pad
  • Purchase of Transport Van 2

It’s important that we are concise about our fund raising needs. We have put this list together based upon our best estimates through diligent research and advisors.

  • Ranch Property Purchase & Closing Costs - $3-5 million
  • Ranch Management Cost Escrow - $120,000/year
  • Class A Semi-Primitive Road Repair & Culvert Construction at Wet Beaver Creek Crossing - $60,000
  • Architectural & Landscaping Plans - $10,000 - $20,000
  • Planning, Design & Construction of  Water Reclamation/Reuse System - $ unknown
  • Planning, Design & Construction of Zero Net Energy  Home - $500,000
  • Fire Suppression & Video Monitoring System - $5,000 -$10,000
  • Licensing, Operation and Miscellaneous Costs

Phase Two ​Fundraising Goals

Phase One ​Fundraising Goals

  • Construction of 2nd Zero Net Energy Home (depending on the plans initiated in Phase One)
  • Ranch Management Cost Escrow - $120,000/year for Year Two
  • Planning & Construction of Wheelchair Accessible Paths Leading to the Farm Animals
  • Construction of Koi Pond
  • Purchase of Transport Van
  • Medical Waste Incinerator Purchase