Sandra Newman = Founder/Administrator
Primary Care Giver/Retired Graphic Designer - Mesa, AZ

Ron Holt = Board Member
Business Owner/Capstone Web Solutions - Petaluma, CA

SK Holt=Clark = Board Member
Retired Mortgage Agent - Scottsdale, AZ

Gretchen Lorette

Retired Healthcare Case Manager

Vincent Murrietta - CPA
20819 N Cave Creek Rd Ste 101 Phoenix AZ 85024

(602) 241-3306.

Current Board Members

What We’re Doing

Founded by the mother and primary care giver of a critical care young adult with a short term life prognosis, Eden's Wellspring  addresses the needs of a growing population of physically disabled children moving into adulthood.  With advances in medical treatment, many critical care young people 18 and older are living longer and are moving into adulthood with limited options for the developing of friendship with their peers, emotional growth and maturation, as well as safe recreational opportunities. Lacking has been an alternate home care environment that provides for social interaction, recreational, maturation and relationship development within their own age group, while providing for their extensive life support needs.  Eden's Wellspring is working to fill these needs.

Advisory Team

Eden's Wellspring, Inc.


Founded: 2013

Founder: Sandra Newman


Areas of expertise: 
Long term living solution for physically disabled young adults in need of critical care.

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